Muteki SR35 Closed-End Lug Nut Set 12mm x 1.5

  • Muteki lug nuts are brilliantly colored and expertly forged to improve the look of your vehicle. The high quality steel and long lasting anodized finish will let everyone know you have style. Kits with locks utilize a different pattern lug nut, one for each wheel, and a special key. The key will help prevent theft of your wheels!  The closed-end keeps the stud threads clean, and the knurled end makes for easy handling.

    Note: This kit includes wheel locks. The lock color may differ slightly from the non-lock lug nuts, due to different manufacturing. Also, color finishes are delicate and may chip from road debris or even from the installation tool. Anodized red finishes are also subject to fading from exposure to UV light. We will NOT accept returns based on chipping or fading finish.

    Note 2: These fasteners are sold in sealed welded-plastic packs. We will NOT accept returns on open packages of lug nuts! You open it, you keep it.

    12mm x 1.5 thread pitch fits all Mitsubishi, and lots of other cars. Note: These are standard 60-degree conical seat lug nuts, which will fit most aftermarket wheels, but will NOT fit OEM Mitsubishi Evo wheels, which use this kind of lug nut.

  • SKU#: 11269RE, 11269JE, 11269NE, 11269RO, 11269SI, 11269PU

    Shipping Weight: 4.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Muteki

    Category: Wheel Accessories

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