Prosport Premium Series Wideband Kit - 60mm

  • Prosport Premium gauges are available in amber/white backlighting, and can be wired to display in one or the other color, or switch based on whether the car's lamps are on or off.  (Note that Prosport's "amber" color looks a lot like "red" to us.)

    Like more expensive gauges, Prosport Premium Series gauges can be daisy-chained together. Just wire up ONE gauge for power/ground/lighting, then run a short jumper harness to each additional gauge! Jumper harnesses are included with each gauge, of course.

    Oh, and best of all, this gauge has both "opening ceremony" behavior (just like those mega-buck gauges everyone wants), as well as a shut-down display!

    This complete wideband air/fuel gauge kit incudes the wideband gauge, genuine Bosch wideband oxygen sensor, wiring harness, gauge mounting cup, gauge hood, and installation instructions. 60mm gauge size, amber/white LED lighting.

  • SKU#: 07033

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Prosport

    Category: Gauges, Prosport Gauges, Prosport Premium Peak/Warning 60mm Gauges

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