Turbo XS Dual Mechanical Boost Controller


    This boost controller is just like the old mechanical controller in that it relies on mechanical, underhood adjustments to set boost. That also means that it is rock-solid reliable, works on ANY turbo, at ANY boost level, and is basically bullet-proof.

    BUT, it has a second boost controller grafted on, which you set independently of the first one. Flip the cockpit-mounted electrical switch, and you change over to Stage 2 of your boost controller via electric solenoid.

    The boost controller is very nicely made from billet aluminum. Allen-head screws (wrench included) allow easy but secure adjustment.

    The toggle switch has a cover on it, like the arming switch in a jet fighter. Cool! Arm photon torpedoes!

  • SKU#: 12421

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Manufacturer: TurboXS

    Category: ECU Tuning and Boost Control, TurboXS

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