Walbro 255 lph High Flow Fuel Pump 2G DSM

  • The Walbro fuel pump has been a staple in fuel supply for years now. Compared to the stock pump they are tiny in size but make up for it in high performance flow. With 255 liters per hour of flow they can support upwards of 550hp in a DSM. The are sometimes a little noisy especially compared to a stock pump, but most with aftermarket exhausts will never hear them. Some applications will find that an adjustable fuel pressure regulator will be required to control excessive rich idle.

    Fits all 1995-1999 turbo DSM (Eclipse/Talon) cars.

  • SKU#: 019482G

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Walbro

    Category: Fuel System

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