Tip of the Week

Here is a collection of useful information you may not find other places. We've gathered these through long experience with these cars and much feedback from you, our customers. We don't really update it every week, but hey, it's gotta be called something.


Tip 1: Intercooler pipe leaks

Tip 2: Oil leaks

Tip 3: Turbo selection

Tip 4: Spark Plugs

Tip 5: Computers

Tip 6: Buying a DSM

Tip 7: Air Flow Sensor Basics

Tip 8: Torque Specs

Tip 9: Choosing a Supsension

Tip 10: Exhaust Manifold Replacment

Tip 11: Crank Pulleys

Tip 12: Non-Turbo Tuning

Paint Codes

Tip 13: Where To Buy a Lancer Evo

Tip 14: Better Shifting

Tip 15: Weight Is The Enemy!