DSM Shootout 2003 Virginia Caravan

DSM Shootout 2003 Virginia Caravan

Since we're based in Virginia, Mach V will host a caravan from Virginia to the Diamond Star Shootout. Send us an e-mail message if you intend to drive with us.

The caravan will start in Norfolk, VA, early on Friday morning, July 18th. By about 9:30, the caravan will stop in Falls Church, VA, to pick up the Mach V group and other DC area DSMers. Later stops will include Breezewood, PA, and other scenic interstate rest areas, meeting up with others and finally converging on Norwalk that evening. See the schedule link below for more details.

The return caravan is a little up in the air. With the official day of the 10th annual Shootout being Sunday most will probably leave Sunday night, while the others may stay until Monday morning to depart.

From experience, one of the best parts of the caravan is the in-car discussion along the way, helped out by radios in all the cars. The radio is a critical piece of equipment! While CB radios had been popular in the past FRS radios worked great last year. Get the cheapest one you can find, if you must, but get one!

Check back here for more specifics about the Virginia Caravan as the Shootout date draws nearer. Many thanks to Mach V friend Pedro Haworth, who provided much of the material and images here.


Caravan Schedule: Friday, July 18th, 2003

Shootout Event Schedule: July 19-20, 2003

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