Stage I - 300 horsepower

These modifications are the first steps to getting more power from your Eclipse. Doing all of these modifications can increase horsepower on a 1G car from 195 to around 300.

The modifications generally work best in the order they are presented here. If you do them in a different order, you may find no improvement until you perform the earlier upgrades.

Here's the Stage I performance checklist, in order:


Mechanical Boost Gauge

High-Flow Air Filter

Compressor Bypass Valve Upgrade (1995+ only)

High-Flow Cat-Back Exhaust

High-Flow Catalytic Converter/Off-Road Pipe

High-Flow Downpipe

Boost Controller

Fuel Pump Upgrade

Intercooler Pipe Upgrade

Exhaust System Porting

Turbo Upgrade (1995+ and AT cars)

High-Performance Clutch